Our Team

The principle of our working together underpin how we operate. At Cyrus, we involve people throughout the team in creative role, to ensure they get their work done and are able to succeed.

Nipun Bansal

VP Operations

Nipun is the vice president of the group and is focused and a goal oriented person. He is responsible for sales and ensures that all departments (IT and call center) work in conformity to plans adopted. He is passionate about technology and heads the IT side of the business.
Nipun overseas the worldwide growth and expansion of Cyrus group and brings more than 15 years of experience in the sales and marketing business. Nipun's passion for sales and marketing and his innate knowledge in business has allowed him to grow businesses to massive worldwide success. He worked in a fortune 100 companies before starting Cyrus Group. He is responsible for company's growth and sales. He gives Cyrus the philosophy of living life at fullest. In his personal time Nipun likes to test his human potential. He is a rally driver by Passion and a socialite. In strives for continuous improvement and development at all levels of his diverse business in the group. He embraces creative approach to finding solutions that are in-line into the VISION of the Group.

David Sellars

Founder Member, now Retired

David specializes in Organization review & Organization Value Analysis. He finished his degree from London school of Economics in 1962 and ACGI - Associate of City & Guilds of London Institute, specializing in Dynamic Marketing Management and Economics. From 1962 onwards, David has consulted many fortune 100 companies like Nike, Price Water House Coopers, FedEx, Ernest and Young and Four Seasons. In last 50 years, David has lived in eight countries (US, UK, Germany, Russia, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland and Canada). Following grounding in unrelated diversified industries, Nipun started this company with David at the age of 21. He is always curious to know what's new in business. His guidance always helped us in growing our business. He is a brilliant mentor and a good human, always energetic and full of life. They both share same passion for business and believe that "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you are right".

Natasha Talwar

Online Marketing Manager

Natasha is a go getter when it comes to online marketing. She is a responsible and dynamic lady, managing online marketing programs related to Cyrus group and our clients. She held numerous marketing positions in the country for more than 15 years and has joined years with Cyrus recently. She is a graduate from top 10 colleges in the country and you can count on her when it comes to online marketing, she is fun loving and adore her kids.

Anjali Choudhary

Operations manager

Anjali is very particular about her work and has been a part of the team from beginning. She joined the company as Human Resources- Intern and is now heading both Human Resources and Admin. She is responsible for recreational activities and is also heading the database wing. She is a post graduate (MBA) and reports directly to Nipun. Her achievements include completing some of the toughest projects on time. She is a fun loving person, loves talking and maintains a good socio-cultural environment at work.

Nathan Guliya

Chief Web Designer

Nathan is the mastermind behind Cyrus group brand standards guide. In his 11 years of career at Convergys, he worked for many known branding agencies. His achievements in website design are plenty of his successfully completed projects of different degree of complication for the companies of different spheres of activity. Nathan's current goal is to maintain the website, keep an eye on its functionality and the other on marketing materials and ensure all designs are relevant, trendy, and innovating. Nathan has been working with Cyrus from last year and never bored anyone on floor, he is a cheerful guy with great intelligence. Nathan is a chess master and a big fan of various competitive games.

Nick Anderson

Legal Advisor

Nick started his career as a legal advisor in the year 2004, and from 3 years he is working with Cyrus group. Nick overseas contracts and compliance matters for multiple business entities at Cyrus group. Prior to joining Cyrus group, nick was a legal counselor for a technology company. Nick is a patient listener and a bold speaker. Nick completed his education from Duke University and moved here with his family. Nick love his kids & a companion with Nipun in Rally Driving.

Monika Gupta

IT Systems & Administration

Monika looks after clients around the world to provide system support. Monika brings a total experience of 8 years in IT sector. She plays a pivotal role in Cyrus group. She provides web solutions, servers and related IT Infrastructure. She is in charge of all the "behind the scenes" planning that takes a lot of input.

Shubham Suri


As the SEO/SMO Executive at Cyrus Group, Shubham is responsible for managing and delivering social media strategies and has a deep understanding of Search Engine Optimization. He is specialized in On Page SEO factors. He is creating high levels of user engagements at Cyrus, driving natural link building through blogging and regularly updated content. Shubham is also experienced in SMM, with an in-depth understanding of Edge-rank algorithms, social media analytics and fan engagement. He loves watching movies and a big fan of Dwayne Johnson.