Ashish Garg

Chairman, Founder & President

Ashish Garg’s name stands out like a shining beacon. He is founder and chairman of Cyrus Group. He has served more than thousand international clients in 26 countries. It is his vision, commitment and fervor that have set extremely high standards of customer service at Cyrus Group.

A very humble man, in 2001, he completed his MBA from Institute of management studies and is also heading a public limited company in the name of SUED & WARN. The company specializes in manufacturing printing machinery. His modern approach and openness to new ideas have been the main reason for group’s outstanding growth.

A courageous visionary, a meticulous planner and a decisive executor, is a dynamic personality who has made success his way of life. He is responsible for overall growth of the group and ensures that- All activities performed (at all levels) are in conformity to plans adopted.